Disposable Makeup Palettes




Use with every kind of makeup and paint. A poly-coated premium paper for use as a disposable paint-mixing palette, simply tear off after use.

CLEANING UP WILL BE A BREEZE: No one wants to sit and scrub a plastic or wooden paint tray palette after they’re done working on their project. What a pain! With this paper pad, all you have to do is tear off the used sheet and throw it away. Voila, cleanup is done!

PERFECT FOR TAKING ON THE GO: Lugging around a big, messy paint palette is less than ideal. This disposable paint mixing palette is an excellent solution for the artist that’s frequently on the move. The pads are lightweight and packable.

Very hygienic and no more messy washing up!

Price Introductory Offer €10 until the end of September, after that it will increase to €12

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