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1 February 2023

The world’s first handheld computerized makeup applicator designed for users with limited hand and arm mobility to make beauty accessible for all.

The world’s first handheld computerized makeup applicator designed for users with limited hand and arm mobility to make beauty accessible for all has been released by Lancome.

Since 2009, Lancôme has been empowering women with the most personalized solution powered by next-generation beauty tech. As part of its mission to use tech for good and make beauty accessible for all, Lancôme continues to set the pace of innovation with HAPTA: a new assistive prototype to enable makeup to become a self-fulfilling experience for everyone.

“For years, Lancôme has sought to provide every woman with beauty solutions adapted to their needs. Beauty tech has enabled us to fulfill this mission in an even more powerful way, revolutionizing the way we develop beauty products and services and enabling greater personalization” said Françoise Lehmann, Lancôme Global Brand President. “With HAPTA we are going one step further by making beauty more accessible to use, because everyone should have equal access to it.”

An estimated 50 million people globally live with limited fine motor skills. This makes some daily gestures, like applying makeup, challenging. Under development by L’Oréal scientists and engineers, HAPTA is a handheld ultra-precise smart make-up applicator for users with limited hand and arm mobility, offering them the ability to steadily apply lipstick at home. HAPTA will incorporate technology originally created by Verily to stabilize and level utensils to give people with limited hand and arm mobility the ability to eat with confidence and independence.

HAPTA – from the new latin haptic meaning “science of touch” – is an unprecedented device designed to empower those with hand and arm-motion impairments so that makeup application becomes intuitive and enjoyable beyond disability.

With Lancôme Beauty Tech and advanced technological devices we provide personalized diagnosis and push the boundaries of product performance. Today, we want to go further by offering a holistic approach to beauty. HAPTA’s revolutionary technology has the power to help many people to use and apply beauty products to make them feel confident and self-fulfilled. This innovation is a first step for Lancôme towards beauty for all.” – Paul Tartrat, Lancôme Innovation & Beauty Tech Director

Discover HAPTA, your ultimate ally that levels your motions.

Accessibility starts here.



As Lancôme’s first motion-stabilizing makeup device, HAPTA works with your every move, to help overcome hand-motion challenges, so that applying lipstick or mascara becomes simple. With its adaptive strap and innovative “self-levelling” technology, it allows for more precise application and better sensoriality.

Easy by duty: Featuring self-levelling technology embedded with real-time sensors for a full range of motion and steady application. As a result, the device level as your arm twists and bends, reacting intuitively to your every movement. HAPTA combines motors and gears to provide 360 degrees of rotation and up to 70 degrees of flexion, enabling hand and wrist motricity to be compensated without effort and distinguishing unwanted hand tremors from intended movements of the hand.

Tech by essence: A self-levelling hinge system uses electronic motion-stabilizing technology to constantly adjust the device’s position in real time, every second. 2 internal motors and 9-axis accelerometers allow for self-stabilizing motion control based on user’s hand orientation while keeping the device stable.

Inclusive by design: The easy-grip device has been specifically designed for those with hand-motion-related conditions, to maximize comfort during use. With its ergonomic, lightweight (115g) and easy to handle design, it is now easier to hold the device and place the lipstick correctly, in order to enjoy a precise application.

Unveiled for the first time this week at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada for the application of lipstick, HAPTA will later be enhanced with new robotic features to also works for mascara application, two of the most common forms of self-expression through beauty. It will then be further extended to other beauty products, to move us closer to our mission to make beauty more accessible and enjoyable for all.


Bringing the science of touch to women everywhere, HAPTA is designed for those with hand-motion disorders, arthritis, Huntington’s Disease, and following stroke-related motion challenges.

The motion-stabilizing device harnesses the power of technology to assist those who have difficulty raising their arms due to limited mobility or back issues, and people with limited grip strength who struggle with precise application. It also helps anyone with limited wrist mobility who may find it difficult to get a comfortable angle when applying lipstick or mascara, as well as those experiencing tremors and a lack of sensation in the hands.

As a Beauty Tech premiere, HAPTA makes the expression of beauty more accessible, more achievable, and easier than ever before.


Tech For Good, Beauty for all.

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Does your skin need Vitamin C or Vitamin A or both in your skincare routine?

9 March 2022

Does you skin really need vitamins? Does your skin need Vitamin C or A or both in your skincare routine? Let’s talk about two of the most common and powerful skincare ingredients: vitamin C and vitamin A (more commonly known as retinol). Here’s why these two vitamins deserve a place in your routine.

Skincare Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C it is so versatile which makes it one my favourite skincare ingredients. It brightens and gives your skin instant radiance. Not only does vitamin C protect against damaging free radicals, it also helps to lighten and break up pigmentation you might already have. It also helps prevents sun spots from forming and increasing overall radiance. Vitamin C also helps to diminish existing fine lines and wrinkles, while protecting against future damage making it a great anti-ager too.

The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 30% €7.50

For a budget-friendly vitamin C formula, try The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 30% In Silicone €7.50

If you’re new to using the ingredient on your skin, It is potent stuff, so you only need a few drops for each application. It’s best to start out with a low concentration and work your way up as your skin grows more accustomed to the ingredient.

I am now using Ultraceuticals Ultra C Firming Serum €78.50. It is on the expensive side but I noticed results after a few days of using it and my skin looked much more radiant and brighter.

Ultraceuticals Ultra C Firming Serum €78.50.

I am now using Ultraceuticals Ultra C Firming Serum €78.50. It is on the expensive side but I noticed results after a few days of using it and my skin looked much more radiant and brighter.

Another good serum is La Roche-Posay 10% Pure Vitamin C Serum €38.00. It is particularly good for sensitive skin types. Always start with a low % and you can go all the way up to 20 percent, which will work more quickly to brighten and improve skin pigmentation.

La Roche-Posay Vitamin C Serum €38.00

Skincare Benefits of Vitamin A

Retinol (a derivative of vitamin A) is another well-regarded skincare ingredient – particularly when it comes to anti-ageing. It helps increase cellular turnover which stimulates your body’s production of new skin cells.

Retinol can also come in many different forms and strengths. Similarly, to vitamin C, vitamin A is also great for controlling breakouts and fading unwanted pigmentation.

If you’re completely new to vitamin A, I recommend building up a tolerance as retinol comes in varying different strengths.

Cerave Skin Renewing Retinol Serum €39.99 is a nice budget option that works well for sensitive skin. It combines retinol with ceramides for skin protection, antioxidant-rich licorice, and calming nicianamide. Its low concentration of retinol (0.3 percent) will also help minimize the side effects. Cerave also have a great option for post-acne and open pores Resurfacing Retinol Serum €37.95 Beautyshop.ie.

Cerave Skin Renewing Retinol Serum €39.99

I have been using the Image Ageless Total Retinol A Cream €89.00. Millie’s. Expensive but I decided to invest in my skin to help fight ageing and it has been worth it.

How to use Vitamin c and Vitamin A (Retinol) in your routine

Vitamin C and vitamin A should be an important part of any well-rounded skincare routine. I recommend using vitamin C during the day to protect skin from UVA/UVB and pollution when you are out and about and then use your retinol serum in the evening combined with a soothing moisturiser at night.

Regardless of your skin type, it is always best to build up a tolerance to retinol. Try mixing a low concentration retinol with your usual moisturiser three times a week and gradually increasing. This will stop any redness or overly dry patches.  Vitamin A can increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun, so wearing an SPF every day is essential.

Does your skin need Vitamin C or Vitamin A or both in your skincare routine?

Have a look at this blog post on how to layer skincare products.https://prettybeautifulbysara.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=536&action=edit

Cointreau Hi Style Awards 2021

21 November 2021

The Cointreau Hi Style Awards 2021 were hosted on Saturday November 6th after a two year gap due to the pandemic. From our days of no events and no dressing up, everyone was out to impress with some amazing style on the night. People came from all parts of Ireland, representing business from hair, beauty, makeup, fashion and lots more. The event was hosted by Hi Style in a safe and controlled manner and with full compliance of government and HSE guidelines. A fantastic group of award winners were picked by the voting public and judging team to represent so many different sectors and aspects of life. It is really heartening to see the efforts that people made to show how stylish our people and our communities are.

Debbie Gibney – Lashes by Debbie Gibney and Sara Ashmore Kehoe – Pretty Beautiful by Sara
Host Deric O’Hartagain

Carlow was well represented with plenty of nominees. Winner of Best Lash Technician went to Debbie Gibney Byrne and the winner of the Hair Team of the year 2021 went to Hairology.


This year Hi Style introduced a birthday award that will become an annual feature of The Cointreau Hi Style Awards. It will be presented each year to someone marking a special birthday and to someone that has made a special contribution to style in Ireland. Our inaugural Hi Style Birthday Award this evening, without doubt goes to a lady that has contributed enormously to style, fashion, television and so much more in a career that spans more than 50 years so far. In actual fact, everyone knows that she just gets better and better with age!! Our recipient was 70 years young last November and had planned a lovely party in her native city to celebrate her milestone but unfortunately the times didn’t allow for the party to take place, so last Saturday, on the occasion of one of very first public events in a long time, we are thrilled to say and sing a Happy 70th birthday to The First Lady of Limerick, the First Lady of Style in Ireland AND The Inaugural Hi Style Birthday Award Winner for 2021 – Ms Celia Holman Lee

Celia Holman Lee

Me with Celia Holman Lee
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Tips to give yourself the best at-home facial

5 September 2021
black woman with towel applying cream on face

Facials are one of the most relaxing and luxurious things that you can do for yourself. Right now, many of us need to take care of ourselves and destress more than ever. A facial means doing something more than your daily routine. Ideally, you can aim to do a facial once a week at home.

If you can’t go to the spa, you can bring the spa to you by creating some relaxing ambience at home. This may seem like a small step but erasing as much stress as possible to unwind will make your facial that much better. If you have time take a bath with Epsom salts,  adding a few drops of lavender essential oil with intensify the relaxation benefits. If you don’t have time for a bath and light one of your favourite candles.

Cleanse your skin well

You need to start with a clean canvas. Any makeup or product left on your skin will result in a less effective facial. To make sure your skin is as clean as possible before you start the facial process, give double cleansing a try.

Cleanse with an oil-based cleanser first.  The oil-based cleanser will remove makeup, products, and sebum, while a water based cleanser will clear your skin of any grime like dirt or sweat, leaving you with squeaky-clean skin ready for next steps. If you don’t have an oil-based cleanser, just cleanse twice with your normal cleanser.

Exfoliate to smooth and brighten

Exfoliation is essential to remove dead skin cells and reveal radiant skin. I would recommend using an enzyme or chemical exfoliator instead of a physical exfoliator (like a scrub). Scrubs can leave little micro-tears on the face. Micro-tears are little tiny scratches, which can get irritated and lead to breakouts and inflammation.

I highly recommend Paula’s choice when it comes to chemical exfoliants. The brand’s Resist Advanced Smoothing Treatment 10% AHA is an incredibly powerful exfoliant that works to reveal more radiant, younger-looking skin after just one use! It is a leave on exfoliant for normal to dry skin and the BHA (beta hydroxy acid) with salicylic acid helps to reduce breakouts, blackheads and redness while hydrating your complexion. So, ideal for oilier skin.

A facial wouldn’t feel right without some kind of face mask. You can pick whatever mask you want to use based on your skin’s needs.  For an oily, acne skin you will be looking for a mask with detoxifying ingredients that will help clean out your pores, since your pores will be open after exfoliating (think a clay mask or a charcoal mask). For a drier, more sensitive skin opt for a hydrating mask with ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

Serums are different to moisturizers as they deliver powerful ingredients directly into the skin. They target specific skin concerns. There are lots of them out there, so choosing wisely is always a challenge. A great one to opt for if you are finding it a challenge is Skingredients Skin Protein Vitamin A + C Serum – basically everything you need in one tub.
Skingredients Skin Protein is a vitamin A + C serum that revamps, re-educates and restores the skin for glowing, smooth, tight and plump skin. It’s an active formula of with two forms of vitamin A, two forms of vitamin C and vitamin E, good fats and tea extracts alongside a massive serving of potent antioxidants and a powerful, clinically-proven pro-collagen peptide. This AM + PM serum supports and balances your skin while protecting it from the environmental stressors that can cause it to age prematurely.

Swans Sunflower Field Carlow

15 August 2021
Swans Sunflower Field Carlow

Swans Sunflower field is a new farm venture, where you can pick your own sunflowers and get some lovely pictures, surrounded by a sea of yellow sunshine.  The sunflowers stretch across 10 acres where you can wander on a kilometre-long path or the more adventurous can get lost amongst the sunflowers. You will see an abundance of bees, ladybirds and butterflies and it is natural beauty at its best.

Photo Credit Swan Family

Grown by the swan family to boost biodiversity. ‘Our sunflowers have been grown to help improve our soil and boost the insect population. The sunflowers have not been treated with chemicals.’ says Keith

The sunflowers were sown in May and the sunflower season typically lasts from July through early September, so you will need to be quick to snap up this memorable activity.  It will definitely brighten up your day.

Sara Ashmore Kehoe enjoying the sunflowers at Swan Sunflower Farm Carlow

Remember to bring sharp shears or scissors with you when you visit, I recommend wearing shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty because let’s face it, it’s a very large field on a farm! There is a small entrance fee of €5 per person or €15 for a family.  Get Stuffed Food Truck has been offering snacks and drinks.

The sunflower field is open from 10am – 7pm daily with parking facilities at the entrance gate until the last flowers bloom so keep an eye on their social media page for more information. They can be contacted on Instagram and Facebook at Swan’s Sunflower Farm Carlow.

Fun Facts about Sunflowers

  • The scientific word for sunflower is Helianthus, which comes from the Greek words of helios meaning sun and anthus meaning flower.
  • Sunflowers are from the same family of flowers as daisies.
  • Each sunflower is actually thousands of teeny flowers. The blossom of the sunflower is called a head. The yellow petals and fuzzy brown centers are individual flowers themselves.
  • There are over 80 species of sunflowers ranging in colour from bright yellow to orange, pink, and tawny red.
  • Sunflowers can grow to between 20 inches and 16 feet tall. The tallest sunflower recorded was in Germany in 2014 and had a height of 30ft 1inch.
  • Young sunflowers track the sun, moving their heads from east to west during the day before resetting at night. Older sunflowers only face east to get most of the morning sun.
  • Each sunflower can contain as many as 1,000 to 2,000 seeds.
  • Sunflower seeds are either black or striped. The black ones are used to make sunflower oil that we cook with, while the striped ones are sold as healthy snacks.
  • They are the national flower of Russia and Ukraine.
  • Sunflowers are often used to represent positivity, strength, admiration, and loyalty. In Chinese culture, they represent good luck and lasting happiness.
  • Sunflowers have been found to be good at absorbing toxins, too. Millions were planted after the devastating Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in Japan.

Everyone needs sunflowers in their life!

Sara & Abby x

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29 May 2021

Why do people love Nuxe oil so much? It’s simple; Huile Prodigieuse has gained its cult-favourite status because it’s one of the most multi-purpose moisturisers you’ll ever use.

I love everything about it!

What is Nuxe dry oil?

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse multi-purpose oil is a face, body and hair oil that repairs, protects and hydrates, but without a greasy or sticky feel. With an at least 95.5% natural origin formula and ingredient line-up of vitamin E extracts and fatty acids, this oil is one big antioxidant. It’s one of the most luxurious ways to fight against free radicals like pollution and cigarette smoke. Not to mention, re-boot, and revive your skin after UV exposure.

Free from preservatives, mineral oils and silicones, Huile Prodigieuse nourishes inside and out, giving your face, hair and body the supermodel glow you’ve always dreamed of. Intrigued?

This NUXE oil is made from 7 natural oils of the highest quality, including a precious new botanical oil – Tsubaki Oil from the Camellia plant, a Japanese beauty secret. Tsubaki Oil is rich in Omega 9 and Phytosterols, which has anti-ageing properties and nourishes and heals the skin. Argan Oil is renowned for its restorative effects, while Hazelnut Oil and Borage Seed Oil soothe and smooth the skin. It also  has 2 forms of Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant to help combat damaging free radicals and provide anti-pollution protection. As well as moisturising, softening and smoothing skin on face and body, this dry oil even helps to reduce the colour of stretch marks. It also softens and repairs hair, giving it a beautiful healthy shine. Suitable for all skin and hair types. Most importantly it is Paraben-free, Mineral Oil-free, Silicone-free.

The Original Dry Oil

What does the Nuxe dry oil smell like?

Huile Prodigieuse smells like summer. Notes of white flowers and vanilla give this oil a creamy floral aroma that feels warm and cosy.

How to use Nuxe dry oil?

For face: There are many ways to use the Huile Prodigieuse oil on the face. The most common way is to apply Huile Prodigieuse in place of your daily moisturiser. It’s the best beard oil! Other uses include mixing it with your foundation to create a dewy finish, or if you have oily skin, use this oil overnight to help rebalance sebum production.

For body: To get the most out of your Huile Prodigieuse Oil, apply all over damp skin. Although it’s a dry oil, wait a minute or two before getting dressed.

For hair: Huile Prodigieuse is incredible at repairing split ends, breakage and making your hair smell incredible. To use this oil to combat frizz, apply a small amount into your hands and work through your hair from the bottom upwards. You can also use this oil as a hot oil treatment too. Start by placing the glass bottle in warm water, wash your hair, then when damp, comb through the oil from lengths to ends and place your hair in a warm towel twist for 10 minutes and rinse.

The Shimmering Dry Oil

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or Multi-Purpose Golden Dry Oil

Shimmer body oils are having a moment, but, Nuxe was way ahead of the game with Huile Prodigieuse Or. This oil has a golden tint and a grown-up glitter finish that strikes the perfect balance between statement and chic; it’s an essential ‘occasion-wear’ face and body oil – I never go without it when going bare-legged.

Call this a liquid re-toucher, OR’s subtle tint lightly airbrushes the appearance of your body and limbs with mini shimmering mineral particles, but fear not, the finish is subtle; the more you layer, the more of a statement you can create.

What does the Nuxe shimmer dry oil smell like?

Huile Prodigieuse Or smells the same as the original dry oil. The only difference with this formula is its subtle shimmer and golden tint.

How to use Nuxe shimmer dry oil?

For face: Or is very versatile. Create a glowy day cream by mixing this in with your moisturiser, or squirt a few drops into your foundation to make more of a dewy finish – this works particularly well during summer. I also like dabbing any excess where I would apply my highlighter.

For body: The application method for OR is very similar to that of the original. Focus on using this oil on areas that you want to enhance, such as the centre of your legs, decolletage and arms. Make sure you wait a while before getting dressed to avoid its glittery contents transferring onto clothes.

For hair: This shimmering oil adds a mirror-like shine to hair while repairing any damaged areas over time. One for a night out rather than a pampering mask – brunettes will love it!

 The Floral Dry Oil

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Florale Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

The newest member of the pack is Huile Prodigieuse Florale, and it’s completely different to everything else in the Huxe Prodigieuse line-up. It comes in a pink botttle, but its musky-floral scent is the most significant change to take note of. Rest assured, it’s made from 96.9% natural origin ingredients, and the moisturising formula you know and love still feels same. The floral dry oil has a citruses smell from grapefruit as you first spray Florale, but as the oil blends into the skin, creamy florals start to prevail. Finally drying down with warm wafts of smooth white musk.

Sara’s Top Ten Beauty Products from Irish Beauty Store TRND BTY

18 April 2021
person holding white round ornament

TRNDBTY.com is an online beauty and makeup store that has an extensive shop of on-trend, high-quality brands. It is co-owned by Grace Reed Carroll and Karen Dempsey. Karen is originally from New Oak, Carlow and now living in Killeshin. I spoke to Karen about the business and how it’s surviving through the pandemic.


Sara: Why did you decide to set up an online beauty shop?

Karen: We had the distribution company, ‘Kare Cosmetics’ that supplies pharmacies, salons and stores but also knew that the world of ecommerce was also an important part of business. We set up trend beauty and used this channel to test or market brands, to see what is suitable for distribution or if it was only a brand for ecommerce. This has been an amazing tool for buying new brands.

Sara: What brands do you sell on TRNDBTY.COM?

Karen: We have many brands available on TRND and are growing every day.


We have lots of other international brands such as Declare, Inkey List, PLouise and Inglot and lots more with more brands always being launched.

Sara: Has your business been affected by the pandemic?

Karen: The day to day running of the business was hugely affected as we had to put all departments on temporary layoff inline with government guidelines, even though the ecommerce site and the distribution of products to pharmacies were still running. We have a great team and look forward to the full team coming back very soon.

Sara: What is your best beauty advice?

Karen: Start at the foundation, which is the skin. If the skin is good, makeup will be much easier to apply.

Also, use products that suit your skin, not what some influencer that you like following is using. If the brand that has been advertised interests you, get the appropriate product for you, as everyone’s skin is different. Good routines always makes a difference too.

Simple things like:

-Cleansing the skin everyday twice daily

-cleaning your phone regularly

-cleaning your brushes regularly 

Look after your skin, you only get 1!

Sara’s Top 10 Products available from TRND Beauty

Use code Sara10 to get 10% discount from www.TRND BTY.com. This was hard, trying to narrow it down to ten as so many good products available on the site.

Rebeluna Brushes 7piece starter set €65.00

You can only be as good as your tools. So a good Irish makeup brush set like this starter set from Rebeluna is perfect.

Declare anti-pollution Cleansing Balm €25.00 for all skin types

This a new product from Declare and I love it. It is a gel that turns into a milk in contact with the skin. Your skin feels really clean after and its smells divine.

Cerave SA smoothing cleanser for oily skin €26.00

This is my favourite cleanser for oily skins as it contains salicylic acid which is one of the key ingredients for drying and heling spots and blemishes. It also has a very affordable price tag.

SoSu Coconut Wonder Water €10.00

I recently purchased this tanning water and I love it.

Bperfect Carnival 111 Love Tahiti Palette €39.95

For any makeup lovers or professional MUA’s, this palette is a good multi-use palette.

PLouise Base Shade 2 Rumour €30.00

My favourite base for the eyelids. Used to create a flawless base and cancel any imperfections for a long lasting finish.

Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid €7.99 to hydrate the skin

I am a fan of Inkey List as its super affordable and has some really good ingredients backed by science.

Sculpted by Aimee Second Skin Foundation €27.00

This foundation is becoming a firm favourite and you can get it in matt or dewy.

Isoclean 110ml makeup brush cleaner €9.95

My favourite prodcut for cleaning my makeup brushes.

Jcat Stay Surance Concealer in Buff €12.50

Perfect for under your eyes as it has great coverage.

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Beauty Trends That Are Going To Be Huge In 2021

27 March 2021
photo of topless woman

Like most things, beauty has been in a weird place these past months. It the early days of the pandemic, our homes became our office, day care, and beauty salon.  We will have another few months of mask wearing so it’s no surprise that eyeliner is going to become more popular. Also, expect to see more curtain bangs and fringes and retro nails. So, in the spirit of looking forward, I’ve rounded up five of the biggest beauty trends to get excited about for 2021.


Skinmalism is all about embracing your natural skin and super-minimal makeup. It makes sense, since many of us are wearing less makeup and spending more time on skin care than ever before. Social media searches for ‘natural makeup’ and ‘fresh skin’ are up on last year.

photo of topless woman
Photo by Gabb Tapic on Pexels.com

2     BANGSand Fringes

Fringes have also made a comeback and we’ll see more curtain bangs but with more texture and less length.

woman wearing white shirt
Photo by Mateo Almendares on Pexels.com


The simplified approach to everyday styling is going nowhere fast. Messy buns, ponytails have been the focus this year and we’ll see a continuation of the casual styles in 2021. For 2021, expect to see those laid back looks accentuated with accessories like crystal bobby pins and extra-large scrunchies. Clips of every kind are trending now, expect them to get more elaborate as the year goes on. 

4     ‘80S EYESHADOW

We’re traveling back to the ‘80s for its bold, eye-catching colours. Think, royal blue, bright yellow and even rich black. This is the chance to try those the over-the-top colours in your palette that have always caught your eye.

alluring woman with bright makeup against ribbed wall
Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com

5          Coloured Liner

Lots of coloured liner and unexpected takes on classic eyeliner will dominate 2021. If you want to ease into the trend, stick with a classic cat eye, but swap black for a bold colour.

Image result for coloured eyeliner
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My Top 10 High Street Foundations

18 March 2021

Times have changed; the technology of makeup and skincare has advanced rapidly for both the high-end and high-street market — so much so, that often two vastly different brands will use similar ingredients that work to the same effect. This has resulted in an array of foundations that work as well as their more expensive counterparts but cost half the price. So, whether you’re looking for some serious coverage, a radiant dewy complexion, or a way to help fight that midday shine, there’s a low-cost option for all. Thankfully, in 2020, you don’t need to spend big to win big when it comes to foundation.

Here’s my pick of my 10 favourite’s:

L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation €14.99

L’Oreal’s number one selling foundation became an overnight cult classic for its blendable, buildable coverage and satin finish. An excellent option for those with drier skins, the formula won’t settle into creases or go patchy throughout the day; if you’re oiler you may need a setting powder to touch up as shine develops. The shade range caters to warm and cool tones with 28 shades available. This range contains both yellow and pink tones which is quite rare in budget foundations. The top three shades we go for in Ireland are Golden Beige (3W), Beige (W) and Rose Vanilla (2C).

Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Liquid Foundation, €8.99

Having oily skin can be a nightmare when it comes to a foundation that covers but doesn’t clog pores. Happily, this one is non-comedogenic, so won’t clog pores or cause breakouts, and its micro powders are designed to stop shine in its tracks. It’s light enough for all-over coverage but pigmented enough to cloak blemishes

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation, €9.99


Rimmel’s Match Perfection has a silky, satin texture with a medium coverage leaves you with a dewy finish, and the shade ranges are superb. 

The Ordinary Serum Foundation, €6.70

For those that want a lighter-coverage formula, this ticks all the boxes. The serum foundation is everything you could want from a low coverage foundation offering a natural, fresh finish that enhances the skin. Available in 21 shades, I’m especially impressed with the paler range of shades. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, €14.99

French beauty brand Bourjois never fails to provide products that rival that of their high-end counterparts – and this Healthy Mix Foundation is of no exception. This vitamin-rich, fruit therapy formula glides onto skin and blends seamlessly for a truly flawless finish with long lasting results.

No7 Instant Radiance Foundation, €17.50

Concealing imperfections and smoothing the appearance skin without covering it completely, the light reflecting particles ensure your complexion will look luminous leaving you with a dewy finish. What I love about this one is how it enhances your own skin, rather than simply layering foundation. Winner for mature skins. The shade range is poor, but boots are due to release more shades soon.

LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation €12.95

If you struggle with extremely oily skin and foundation slides off within a few hours, this could be a purse-friendly foundation for you. The water-like consistency goes on smoothly but will dry to a matte finish – so if you have any flaky patches, ensure you moisturise! But if you’re on the hunt for a base that stays put and lasts all day with a matte, medium-full coverage.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation €10.99

This foundation is perfect if your skin needs a serious pick-me-up, this Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation works absolute wonders – and regularly makes the cut above more expensive options. Created with a 100% pore less coverage formula and radiance boosting pearls, this is one of the best products I’ve tried for lifting and illuminating tired and sallow skin. 

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless 3in1 Liquid Foundation €17.99


This was my very first foundation to use and Max factor is making waves again.  Overtaking all the others in terms of technicality and superior performance, this foundation works by priming the skin with a flexi-hold technology that creates a strong, yet lightweight film on top of the skin. Next, micro-correctors within the formula operate like little mechanics to defend against external influences such as sweat and sebum, while the added presence of SPF20 delivers a perfectly protective, matte finish. A multi-purpose product that acts as a primer, concealer and a foundation. 

Catrice Even Catrice Skin Tone Beautifying Foundation €8.50


I’ll just start this by saying that Catrice foundations are great value for money. I wear the HD foundation a lot and the quality is very good. This is this newest addition to the range which provides medium to full coverage without looking cakey. If you have oily or combination skin opt for, ‘All Matt Plus Shine Control Makeup’ (€6.95).

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Common Beauty Mistakes You Might Be Making

17 March 2021

A lot of us are keen to learn everything about beauty and make-up, but the sheer volume of information can be intimidating and daunting for some of us. We’ve all had those nights where we sleep in our make-up or haven’t washed our make-up brushes in over a month! I have been guilty of some myself! While some of these are obvious no-no’s, there are some common mistakes you may not realise you’re doing.

1 Going To Sleep with Your Makeup On

This is fine every now and again but if done repeatedly it can cause damage to the skin, causing make up to settle in your pores, stretching them out resulting in rough, aged skin. Night time is when the skin renews itself so wearing make-up at night prevents the renewal process.

2 You’re Not Using Products to Suit Your Skin Type

Don’t settle for any old cleansing, toning and moisturising routine – addressing your specific skin type and concerns is a must, because using the wrong products for your skin can exacerbate the problems you already have. Think about what products you buy and be careful to choose your products carefully rather than sticking to that same cleanser that you have been using for years. 

3 Not Cleaning Your Make-Up Brushes

Admittedly this is a time-consuming process that every make-up artist agrees is probably the least favourite part of their job. Dirty brushes are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to acne and other infections. It can also affect make-up application, as the bristles become overloaded with pigment making precise application difficult. Washing your brushes once a week is recommended.


4 Ditch the Applicators That Came With Your Eyeshadows

Most eyeshadows come with handy mini applicators, making it easy to apply on the go. But, for a blended finish, you really need to use a make-up brush.  Sponge tips provide a lot of pigment at once while a brush allows you to gradually add product and blend as you go.

C:\Users\Sara\Pictures\Press\beauty mistakes 4.jpg

5 You’re choosing the wrong shade of foundation

I always recommend testing foundation on your cheek, which will give you a more realistic idea of whether the foundation matches or not.

6 You’re using too much powder on the wrong places

I am a fan of powder to mattify the skin and set your look, but you don’t need to use it all over your face. It can end up making you look older. Try dusting just a little bit of translucent powder over your T-zone to reduce shine without making it too matted.

7 You’re not blending your foundation into your neckline

It seems like a rookie mistake, but it still happens a lot, and results in a mismatched face and neck. Make sure to blend your foundation into your jawline.

C:\Users\Sara\Pictures\Press\beauty mistakes.jpg

8 Using A Bobby Pin Incorrectly

 What? There is a wrong way? Yes, there is a proper way to use bobby pins. I only learnt this a few years ago!

The correct way to use a bobby pin is to insert it into your hair with the wavy side down. The wavy side is designed so it will grab your hair and situate it properly.  The flat side, is what pushes the hair into the groove, holding it in place. So there, you have it, simple yet powerful.

9  Neglecting Your Neck
A lot of people forget about their neck when applying products to their face. Treat your neck, the same way you would treat your face. Go right down to the collar bones with your products.

10  Using Expired Makeup

 Holding on to your favourite makeup can be a big no, no.  Unfortunately, makeup and skincare does go off!