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Chat all things beauty with Roz Purcell

17 March 2019

Roz Purcell launched her debut cookbook in February 2018 ‘Natural Born Feeder’, a healthy living and nutrition book. To mark the launch of her book ‘Natural Born Feeder’, Roz opened a pop up shop on Baggot Street, which raised €11K for Capuchin Day Centre for Homeless People.   She also runs a successful blog where she posts lots of healthy and tasty recipes. Roz has also been one of Ireland’s high profile models over the last decade.

Roz took time out of her very busy schedule to find out the secrets to her amazing skin and what’s in her make-up bag. 

Sara: What is your skincare routine and what products do you like to use?

Roz: My Skincare regime is pretty minimal! My only golden rule is to rule is to remove my make-up every night – I will never fall asleep with it on. I take my make-up off with water wipes or bio miracle. At night, I use Image MD reconstructive cream and in the morning I wear Image daily SPF.

Sara: What is your favourite product?

Roz: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, my lips get chapped very easily, especially as this weather is so changeable. It is like a protective layer and makes them nice and glossy and plump.

Sara: What make-up products are you currently using and loving?

Roz: From years of getting my make-up done, I’ve formed a collection of products I feel really work for my skin and suit my colouring and skin type.

For my foundation, I love Charlotte Tilbury foundation in Light Wonder, it’s really light and works really well for my skin. 

I always use a MAC cream blush in ‘Lady blush’ for my cheeks and lips. 

For my lips I usually just opt for gloss and I love Mother Pucker from Soap and Glory and I line my lips with a neutral lip pencil from MAC in Whirl.

For my eyes, I love Inglot gel pots for eyeliner, they stay put all day and night! I really like MAC eyeshadow in copper tone which I love for every day wear. I use YSL false lash effect mascara as it gives really thick lashes. I use MAC Lingering pencil for my eyebrows.

Roz feels that good make-up brushes are essential and her personal favourite brushes are from Callanberry, ‘They don’t shed, they are amazing’, says Roz.

Roz uses Chanel mousse pot as a bronzer and also favours Chanel as her powder.

Sara: Have you any make-up tips that you have picked throughout your modelling career?

Roz: Invest in a good set of make-up brushes, as it all about blending when it comes to good make-up application.

Sara: What is your favourite make-up product that you couldn’t live without?

Roz: It has to be Chanel Bronzing mousse. It gives you such a healthy glow without covering your skin. It’s super natural.

Sara: What is your desert island product?

Roz: Definitely Sun Protection Factor (SPF). I use Image daily for a nice glow too. 

Sara: What is your favourite beauty treatment?

Roz: Microdermabrasion. I get a treatment when I feel my skin is tired and need a pick up, it really clears out my skin from a build-up of make-up and makes a huge difference.

Sara: Any last bit of advice?

Roz: Practice a look that works best for you, not for a celebrity you like, we are all different and it’s important to get to know your face and what colours work with your skin etc. Make-up is to enhance your features not cover them!