Sara’s Top Ten Beauty Products from Irish Beauty Store TRND BTY

18 April 2021
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TRNDBTY.com is an online beauty and makeup store that has an extensive shop of on-trend, high-quality brands. It is co-owned by Grace Reed Carroll and Karen Dempsey. Karen is originally from New Oak, Carlow and now living in Killeshin. I spoke to Karen about the business and how it’s surviving through the pandemic.


Sara: Why did you decide to set up an online beauty shop?

Karen: We had the distribution company, ‘Kare Cosmetics’ that supplies pharmacies, salons and stores but also knew that the world of ecommerce was also an important part of business. We set up trend beauty and used this channel to test or market brands, to see what is suitable for distribution or if it was only a brand for ecommerce. This has been an amazing tool for buying new brands.

Sara: What brands do you sell on TRNDBTY.COM?

Karen: We have many brands available on TRND and are growing every day.


We have lots of other international brands such as Declare, Inkey List, PLouise and Inglot and lots more with more brands always being launched.

Sara: Has your business been affected by the pandemic?

Karen: The day to day running of the business was hugely affected as we had to put all departments on temporary layoff inline with government guidelines, even though the ecommerce site and the distribution of products to pharmacies were still running. We have a great team and look forward to the full team coming back very soon.

Sara: What is your best beauty advice?

Karen: Start at the foundation, which is the skin. If the skin is good, makeup will be much easier to apply.

Also, use products that suit your skin, not what some influencer that you like following is using. If the brand that has been advertised interests you, get the appropriate product for you, as everyone’s skin is different. Good routines always makes a difference too.

Simple things like:

-Cleansing the skin everyday twice daily

-cleaning your phone regularly

-cleaning your brushes regularly 

Look after your skin, you only get 1!

Sara’s Top 10 Products available from TRND Beauty

Use code Sara10 to get 10% discount from www.TRND BTY.com. This was hard, trying to narrow it down to ten as so many good products available on the site.

Rebeluna Brushes 7piece starter set €65.00

You can only be as good as your tools. So a good Irish makeup brush set like this starter set from Rebeluna is perfect.

Declare anti-pollution Cleansing Balm €25.00 for all skin types

This a new product from Declare and I love it. It is a gel that turns into a milk in contact with the skin. Your skin feels really clean after and its smells divine.

Cerave SA smoothing cleanser for oily skin €26.00

This is my favourite cleanser for oily skins as it contains salicylic acid which is one of the key ingredients for drying and heling spots and blemishes. It also has a very affordable price tag.

SoSu Coconut Wonder Water €10.00

I recently purchased this tanning water and I love it.

Bperfect Carnival 111 Love Tahiti Palette €39.95

For any makeup lovers or professional MUA’s, this palette is a good multi-use palette.

PLouise Base Shade 2 Rumour €30.00

My favourite base for the eyelids. Used to create a flawless base and cancel any imperfections for a long lasting finish.

Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid €7.99 to hydrate the skin

I am a fan of Inkey List as its super affordable and has some really good ingredients backed by science.

Sculpted by Aimee Second Skin Foundation €27.00

This foundation is becoming a firm favourite and you can get it in matt or dewy.

Isoclean 110ml makeup brush cleaner €9.95

My favourite prodcut for cleaning my makeup brushes.

Jcat Stay Surance Concealer in Buff €12.50

Perfect for under your eyes as it has great coverage.