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1 February 2023

The world’s first handheld computerized makeup applicator designed for users with limited hand and arm mobility to make beauty accessible for all.

The world’s first handheld computerized makeup applicator designed for users with limited hand and arm mobility to make beauty accessible for all has been released by Lancome.

Since 2009, Lancôme has been empowering women with the most personalized solution powered by next-generation beauty tech. As part of its mission to use tech for good and make beauty accessible for all, Lancôme continues to set the pace of innovation with HAPTA: a new assistive prototype to enable makeup to become a self-fulfilling experience for everyone.

“For years, Lancôme has sought to provide every woman with beauty solutions adapted to their needs. Beauty tech has enabled us to fulfill this mission in an even more powerful way, revolutionizing the way we develop beauty products and services and enabling greater personalization” said Françoise Lehmann, Lancôme Global Brand President. “With HAPTA we are going one step further by making beauty more accessible to use, because everyone should have equal access to it.”

An estimated 50 million people globally live with limited fine motor skills. This makes some daily gestures, like applying makeup, challenging. Under development by L’Oréal scientists and engineers, HAPTA is a handheld ultra-precise smart make-up applicator for users with limited hand and arm mobility, offering them the ability to steadily apply lipstick at home. HAPTA will incorporate technology originally created by Verily to stabilize and level utensils to give people with limited hand and arm mobility the ability to eat with confidence and independence.

HAPTA – from the new latin haptic meaning “science of touch” – is an unprecedented device designed to empower those with hand and arm-motion impairments so that makeup application becomes intuitive and enjoyable beyond disability.

With Lancôme Beauty Tech and advanced technological devices we provide personalized diagnosis and push the boundaries of product performance. Today, we want to go further by offering a holistic approach to beauty. HAPTA’s revolutionary technology has the power to help many people to use and apply beauty products to make them feel confident and self-fulfilled. This innovation is a first step for Lancôme towards beauty for all.” – Paul Tartrat, Lancôme Innovation & Beauty Tech Director

Discover HAPTA, your ultimate ally that levels your motions.

Accessibility starts here.



As Lancôme’s first motion-stabilizing makeup device, HAPTA works with your every move, to help overcome hand-motion challenges, so that applying lipstick or mascara becomes simple. With its adaptive strap and innovative “self-levelling” technology, it allows for more precise application and better sensoriality.

Easy by duty: Featuring self-levelling technology embedded with real-time sensors for a full range of motion and steady application. As a result, the device level as your arm twists and bends, reacting intuitively to your every movement. HAPTA combines motors and gears to provide 360 degrees of rotation and up to 70 degrees of flexion, enabling hand and wrist motricity to be compensated without effort and distinguishing unwanted hand tremors from intended movements of the hand.

Tech by essence: A self-levelling hinge system uses electronic motion-stabilizing technology to constantly adjust the device’s position in real time, every second. 2 internal motors and 9-axis accelerometers allow for self-stabilizing motion control based on user’s hand orientation while keeping the device stable.

Inclusive by design: The easy-grip device has been specifically designed for those with hand-motion-related conditions, to maximize comfort during use. With its ergonomic, lightweight (115g) and easy to handle design, it is now easier to hold the device and place the lipstick correctly, in order to enjoy a precise application.

Unveiled for the first time this week at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada for the application of lipstick, HAPTA will later be enhanced with new robotic features to also works for mascara application, two of the most common forms of self-expression through beauty. It will then be further extended to other beauty products, to move us closer to our mission to make beauty more accessible and enjoyable for all.


Bringing the science of touch to women everywhere, HAPTA is designed for those with hand-motion disorders, arthritis, Huntington’s Disease, and following stroke-related motion challenges.

The motion-stabilizing device harnesses the power of technology to assist those who have difficulty raising their arms due to limited mobility or back issues, and people with limited grip strength who struggle with precise application. It also helps anyone with limited wrist mobility who may find it difficult to get a comfortable angle when applying lipstick or mascara, as well as those experiencing tremors and a lack of sensation in the hands.

As a Beauty Tech premiere, HAPTA makes the expression of beauty more accessible, more achievable, and easier than ever before.


Tech For Good, Beauty for all.

Sara’s Top Ten Beauty Products from Irish Beauty Store TRND BTY

18 April 2021
person holding white round ornament

TRNDBTY.com is an online beauty and makeup store that has an extensive shop of on-trend, high-quality brands. It is co-owned by Grace Reed Carroll and Karen Dempsey. Karen is originally from New Oak, Carlow and now living in Killeshin. I spoke to Karen about the business and how it’s surviving through the pandemic.


Sara: Why did you decide to set up an online beauty shop?

Karen: We had the distribution company, ‘Kare Cosmetics’ that supplies pharmacies, salons and stores but also knew that the world of ecommerce was also an important part of business. We set up trend beauty and used this channel to test or market brands, to see what is suitable for distribution or if it was only a brand for ecommerce. This has been an amazing tool for buying new brands.

Sara: What brands do you sell on TRNDBTY.COM?

Karen: We have many brands available on TRND and are growing every day.


We have lots of other international brands such as Declare, Inkey List, PLouise and Inglot and lots more with more brands always being launched.

Sara: Has your business been affected by the pandemic?

Karen: The day to day running of the business was hugely affected as we had to put all departments on temporary layoff inline with government guidelines, even though the ecommerce site and the distribution of products to pharmacies were still running. We have a great team and look forward to the full team coming back very soon.

Sara: What is your best beauty advice?

Karen: Start at the foundation, which is the skin. If the skin is good, makeup will be much easier to apply.

Also, use products that suit your skin, not what some influencer that you like following is using. If the brand that has been advertised interests you, get the appropriate product for you, as everyone’s skin is different. Good routines always makes a difference too.

Simple things like:

-Cleansing the skin everyday twice daily

-cleaning your phone regularly

-cleaning your brushes regularly 

Look after your skin, you only get 1!

Sara’s Top 10 Products available from TRND Beauty

Use code Sara10 to get 10% discount from www.TRND BTY.com. This was hard, trying to narrow it down to ten as so many good products available on the site.

Rebeluna Brushes 7piece starter set €65.00

You can only be as good as your tools. So a good Irish makeup brush set like this starter set from Rebeluna is perfect.

Declare anti-pollution Cleansing Balm €25.00 for all skin types

This a new product from Declare and I love it. It is a gel that turns into a milk in contact with the skin. Your skin feels really clean after and its smells divine.

Cerave SA smoothing cleanser for oily skin €26.00

This is my favourite cleanser for oily skins as it contains salicylic acid which is one of the key ingredients for drying and heling spots and blemishes. It also has a very affordable price tag.

SoSu Coconut Wonder Water €10.00

I recently purchased this tanning water and I love it.

Bperfect Carnival 111 Love Tahiti Palette €39.95

For any makeup lovers or professional MUA’s, this palette is a good multi-use palette.

PLouise Base Shade 2 Rumour €30.00

My favourite base for the eyelids. Used to create a flawless base and cancel any imperfections for a long lasting finish.

Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid €7.99 to hydrate the skin

I am a fan of Inkey List as its super affordable and has some really good ingredients backed by science.

Sculpted by Aimee Second Skin Foundation €27.00

This foundation is becoming a firm favourite and you can get it in matt or dewy.

Isoclean 110ml makeup brush cleaner €9.95

My favourite prodcut for cleaning my makeup brushes.

Jcat Stay Surance Concealer in Buff €12.50

Perfect for under your eyes as it has great coverage.