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How much skin care products should you use?

22 October 2020
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We spend thousands of euro’s on beauty products throughout our lifetime. But how much of that is wasted?  I am going to help you portion control your beauty routine. That way, you can save your skin while also saving money.


Whether you’re opting for a cream, gel or liquid cleanser, look to squeeze out about one blueberry size and volume. 


  When portioning out grainy scrubs, keep it to one raspberry to cover both your face and neck. As a general rule, you should exfoliate once to twice a week. 


More is more, right? Wrong! Concentrated serums might offer double or triple the active ingredients of your anti-ageing creams and using too much on your skin may lead to irritation. A pea-sized drop is all you need! 

Instead of applying it directly to your face, place a few drops into the palm of your hand, and gently press the product into your skin. If your serum has a more solid consistency, a pea-sized amount should be enough.



You need a lot less eye cream than you probably imagine, one grain of rice pair eye is sufficient. The rich emollients in eye cream have been designed to absorb deeply, so a small smear will do the job. Too much product will increase the risk of eye irritation and may even interfere with makeup application. Only apply the product around the bony eye orbits and not too close to the lashes as this can cause puffiness.


New technology in skin care helps active ingredients absorb and moisturize deeply, without the sticky, oily residue. For both morning moisturizers and night creams, aim for the volume and length of one almond. To apply, dot lotion all over your face and neck before smoothing it out for even distribution. A good tip is to apply serums and moisturisers onto damp skin as they will penetrate deeper into the skin and will be far more effective.



This is one product where you want to be extra careful not to skimp. So how much is just right? For your face, a portion similar to one plump grape. For your entire body, you’ll need a shot glass-worth of SPF. 


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