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This is the foundation behind Meghan’s glowing skin

20 October 2019

Meghan Markle

I’ve often looked at Megan Markle’s flawless skin and wondered how her skin looks so glowy all of the time.  Her former make-up artist has revealed the foundation behind her gorgeous complexion. Lydia Selleres worked as Markle’s make-up artist for two years. In that time, she revealed that the actress was ‘in-the-know’ about beauty, and when it came to her base products she knew what she liked – and what she didn’t.  “Every time I’d do her make-up, she’d say, ‘Can we just make sure my freckles are peeking through? I don’t want a ton of foundation,’”. With that in mind, the make-up artist would always opt for Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation, as the formula could easily be sheered out with a Beautyblender.

The medium coverage foundation is available in 24 shades and having tried it, I can tell you it lives up to the hype. As it does does cost €49.00, I tend to keep this foundation as my ‘going out’ foundation! 

This is the type of base that results in people commenting on your glowing skin and asking what foundation you’re using. Another advantage of this base is the fact you can apply one layer for daytime but it’s completely buildable so you can use it for a night time look too.

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